In case your free solo-ing
isn't quite Oscar worthy.

A First-Aid Kit For the Avid Climber

Every rock climber knows that by climbing a skyscraper sized rock, they are taking some big risks. But just because you're taking a risk, doesn't mean you can't be prepared. "Fixed Protection" is a first-aid kit designed for climbers to use while climbing, whether that be indoors on a climbing wall, or on El Cap with no ropes. 

For this project, I was prompted to create a first-aid kit that used a consistent design system that could be carried out through a variety of medical tools. Along with this, I wanted to combine a set of compact tools that could be easily distinguished in the case of an emergency, or just a little, torn blister. 

A Colorful Kit That You'll Want to Hold Onto

Inspired by the large variety of holds on indoor climbing walls, I created abstract shapes that helped distinguish themselves for each package. Along with a bright and bold design, I used a monospace typeface with a simple layout for easy understanding of how to uses each tool. These different packages are contained in a sturdy box that can be packed along with other climbing gear. 

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