A historic flag finally comes home. 

Project By: Pisti Gamvroulas, Claudia Lynn, Nigel Briggs

In July 2019, the flag that flew on the LCC 60 (the first ship to carry US service members to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day,) was returned to the US. This artifact was returned to the US and added to NMAH’s collection, requiring the expansion of a former
D-Day exhibit. 

As an intern for the National Museum of American History, I gained valuable experience working on a variety of environmental/experiential graphic design projects. 

When the museum's design team was notified of the LCC 60 Flag's arrival, we were given two weeks to create a new case for the existing 
D-DAY exhibit, previously created by Nigel Briggs, to display the flag. I assisted an industrial design intern, Claudia Lynn, with the final production and created graphic treatments for the new addition to the exhibit. 

My role on this project included type setting, image editing, creating a complimentary layout system to the existing exhibit, and helping decide a variety of stylistic choices for how to present the flag.

Elevation of display case

Elevation above shows full exhibit, including the display of the D-Day flag addition

Anthea M. Hartig, director of the National Museum of American History, presenting unveiling of the exhibition expansion

 WWII veteran viewing the exhibition

Anthea M. Hartig, with WWII veteran and his wife

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