'Cause everybody wants
a honeybody someday.

Hey You, Honeybody When You Comin' Out for Game Play?

Kishi Bashi's 2016 album, "Sonderlust", includes a pick-me-up song that is sure  to bring a smile to any listeners face. The song, "Honeybody" is a beautifully composed song that makes you feel like you're skipping through candy-land. 

For this project, I was challenged with creating an illustration that would fully encapsulate the pure joy that is the song, "Honeybody". 

Listen to the song below (and get ready for your day to get infinitely better):


I wanted to create something that would help the viewer explore "Honeybody's" upbeat tune and animated lyrics. Using the song title, the bubbly typeface, Coruplent, and polymer clay, I created 9 different, brightly designed letters to represent the song. 

Using Format