Your gonna want to wake up
bright and early for this. 

We All Wake Up A Bit Differently

Everyone's mornings look a little different, and so does their coffee drinking ritual. Different individuals with different mornings ask for a more personalized coffee brand that they feel will get them ready to take on a new day.  

For this particular project, My target audience of coffee drinkers included characteristics such as young, feminine, natural, and yoga lovers that were home brewers. With this in mind, I needed to create a brand of coffee, under the name "Method", that would best appeal to this group of coffee drinkers.  

Putting the Me in your Method

With "Method" coffee, I wanted a package that would put the "Me" in each customers "Method". For my packaging, I created a variety of fun and feminine illustrations that could be combined with one another to create a series of individualized coffee bags. The humanistic style of illustration on a naturally textured coffee bag creates a package that any yogi would reach for at the grocery store. 

Above: collection of illustrations used to form the Method brand

Using Format