H&M ain't gonna like this call out..

Project By: Pisti Gamvroulas, Brooke Ericksen, Jessica Hunyh,  and Omar Tsai

Fast Fashion


inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

Our Mission

After learning more about the negligent practices of fast fashion in a Sustainable Design course, myself and a few fellow students were tasked with creating educational campaign.  The campaign would capture the attention of a college student at the University of Utah about fast fashion practices, and ask them to consider their
participation in the fast fashion industry. 


Students on campus are bombarded with posters and fliers, and often ignore any educational print that presents itself in ordinary matters. We wanted to design something that a large majority of students would encounter, and would intrigue them to stop and learn 
about fast fashion.


Many companies in the fast fashion industry use attractive storefront displays that "wow" their customers and invite them to shop in their space; so, why not try a similar tactic? Working in the Marriott Library, a building heavily populated with students of all backgrounds, we designed an installation piece, along with a series of display cases to inform students of the fast fashion industry. Our solution surprised students with unexpected educational pieces that compelled them to further explore. 

Reciept Installation

Display Cases

Using Format