Creating a (miniature) exhibition to
pay respect to (massively) influential lives. 

Scale Exhibit for "The Lives They Lived"

Scaling down the NY Times, "The Lives They Lived" 

In an attempt at better understanding the technical aspects of Environmental graphic design, we were asked to design an exhibition poster for the NY Times' yearly installment, "The Lives They Lived", remembering a variety of influential figures that lost their lives. Along with an exhibtion poster, we were tasked with thinking about an entire exhibition to house each poster, in a scale model. 

Mary Tyler Moore's Panel Debut

The NY Times, "The Lives They Lived" contains beautifully written stories and essays highlighting important individuals, and in this particular project, we were asked to use all of the text provided in the article in our panel (that's a lot of text!) With this in mind, I was tasked with creating a visually engaging poster, that was accessible to read for a variety of people. 

Mary Tyler Moore was full of life, and her expressive character was my inspiration
for the exhibition panel and fulll exhibit. By using a simple image based layout,
I created a panel that complimented a full scale image of Moore.

In addition to an exhibition panel, I created a scale exhibit to house a variety of panels all highlighting an important person from the NY Times, "The Lives They Lived" article, designed by fellow design students in my class. The elevation above offers my ideas for how to present my exhibit. 

The scale exhibit consisted of 8 double sided panels. A simple, yet, bold design that offered enough visual excitement to bring to life the space, without overpowering the exhibition panels and their stories. The overall space was created to be spacious and accessible to visitors of all abilities. 

Using Format